We strive hard to operate responsibly and transparently by living our inspiration for
‘Together Towards a Sustainable Future’.


Driving the Digital Future

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We work hard to operate responsibly and transparently by living our vision to Drive the Digital Future to Empower Societies. We are committed to having a positive impact on our communities, while at the same time maintaining sustainable success


Connecting communities

We are committed to empowering and connecting communities by providing them advanced technological solutions and driving innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth, while maximizing our social impact in communities.


Digital innovation

e& is committed to accelerating digital innovation in the marketplace towards a more sustainable economy. Through sustainable digital innovation, we aim to meet stakeholders’ evolving needs and enable them to achieve their goals.


Environmental management

Our commitment to innovate and develop new existing and products that are more environmentally friendly, is further supported by our drive to improve our processes and operations for better environmental efficiencies through energy and emissions, water, and waste management.


Accountable Business Practices

We aim to be a sustainability leader in the market through integrating sustainability into our internal systems and processes. Strong governance, accountability and transparency practices are essential for engaging our wider stakeholders including our supply chain, towards achieving mutual sustainability goals.


Our people

Our people are the foundation of our success, providing the knowledge, skills and dedication we need to achieve our long-term business objectives. Our ambition is to be the best place to work, an organization that is focused on the employee experience and attracts and retains top talent from all over the world who live and share our values.

Sustainability Reports


e& Sustainability Report


Together towards a sustainable future.


Paving the way for a sustainable and connected digital future.


A commitment to sustainable development and leadership.